United Against Honour Based Abuse

A thought-provoking day spent at the Building Confidence to Challenge Honour Based Abuse (HBA) and Forced Marriage (FM) Conference.

Lots of great speakers including our very own Rizwana Baleem.

The day begun with Gail Hopper, Director of Children’s Services, speaking about Rochdale’s work around the issues faced by people living in the Borough.

Next up was Nazir Afzal OBE, former NW Chief Crown Prosecutor who spoke about the work he has been involved in over the years which includes bringing about legislative change to help victims of abuse. This also involved the work he does as a Trustee & Patron of Karma Nirvana which led to the next speaker, Natasha Rattu, Executive Director from Karma Nirvana.

Natasha shared a very personal and inspiring story about her mum’s life which led to the beginning of Karma Nirvana. Her mum has written a book on her life which Natasha read passages from.

We then heard stories from survivors of HBA/FM. One of the speakers spoke of her own personal story and that of her sister who was murdered in a tragic honour killing. We won’t name the speakers to protect their identity. Very sad to listen too and heart-warming to see how they are moving on with their lives.

DC Sarah Leyland spoke about the Greater Manchester Police perspective and how they are constantly striving to get things right when dealing with domestic violence incidents which includes HBA and FM.

Rizwana Baleem was the next up to give a brilliant presentation and speak about the work of Rochdale Womens Welfare Association and the work that has been going on at the centre for 35 years this year – 2019.

After the final speakers of the day from Rochdale Connections Trust a question and answer session took place with the closing remarks coming from Gail Hopper.

We at Rochdale Womens Welfare Association look forward to continuing to work in partnership with everyone who is working towards the same goal as we will endeavour to do – ‘Bring an end to Domestic Violence/Abuse, Honour Based Violence and Forced Marriage.’

Thank you to Sajid Miah from the Community Safety Team for helping to ensure today’s event took place.United Against Honour Based Abuse16 photos