Health is Wealth

This project has been funded by the CCG for one year, the purpose of this project is to support women to manage their own health well-being and symptoms of their conditions. Also to promote and support a healthy lifestyle, gaining independence and to support women with dementia including careers and families.  This project has started to bring women together in order to reduce social isolation and help women feel they belong to the club.  The women have established friendships amongst each other, received emotional support and overcame the chronic isolation that service users have experienced.  Activities are designed to encourage shared ownership of the project and provide ways for members to contribute to the local community.  By delivering this project our aim was to provide Mental Health and Wellbeing service provision by promoting early intervention, and delivering prevention activities.  By coming out of their isolation the women have reduced their loneliness and got actively involved in the programme which we have designed according to the women’s needs. Within the service we provide women information about healthy lifestyles, delivering programs on stress management, support and information on dementia, etc.  We also carry out partnership work by networking with organisation such as Mind, NHS, Gaddum, etc.
Our service flexibly responds to the needs of the women from the local communities with an integrated and coordinated approach ensuring the best use of resources. Working on the “health is wealth” is project we have been able to target women who were very isolated in their own homes with various health issues including mental health. We have been able to assess the client’s needs and where appropriate develop a personalised plan of support and long term goals that is responsive to their needs.  Our programme helps our clients to stay positive and motivated in making changes to their lifestyle.  We have been able to support 35 BME women who are residents from deprived/hard to reach groups.
We networking with Jackmccan court to deliver armchair with Age UK and have the women come to our lunch club every Tuesday. We are making plans to work with the residence of Jackmccan to do more things around health.