RWWA Girls Forum

Over the last few weeks RWWA Girls Forum has enjoyed different activities which included a visit from the local police.  The evening was titled ‘Mums and Daughters night’.  The police were invited to speak with everyone and hold a question and answer session.  The visiting officers were PC Richard 18287 and PCSO Stacy 71658.

The evening was very informative with different subjects covered. 

The officers discussed the different roles and powers of a PCSO and a PC.  How many ‘prank’ 999 calls are made in a year and when to use 101 for non-emergency. What kind of crime is reported around the local area. The importance of wearing a seatbelt and how we can protect ourselves through self-defence.  

The police also spoke about the police cadets for young people as well as joining the police as an adult.

The girls were very relaxed during the session and asked lots of question such as:  Why the Police had cameras attached to their vest and what was the scariest incident that they had to face.

The night was a huge success with positive feedback given by the mums who attended as well as the girls.

At a recent session of the girl’s group, the girls were introduced to sewing machines. Some had never used one before and really enjoyed using them and plans are already in place of what they will make over the next few weeks.  More to follow on this when completed.

The sessions encourage empowerment and choice where all the activities are chosen by the girls themselves.

As an addition, one of our young girls has joined the Army Cadets which is another one of the uniformed youth organisations for young people. She likes to come in her uniform to show to her friends and tell them what she takes part in whilst there.

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