Rochdale Women’s Welfare White Ribbon event.

A very productive day on the 28 November 2019, at Rochdale Women’s Welfare White Ribbon event. 

It was great to have a diverse group of women coming together to discuss their thoughts and give their valued opinion on how we can make services even more accessible to ensure the message gets out to all women that support is available to them.  As well as having representatives from Safe-net Rochdale, Rochdale Health Alliance, Greater Manchester Police, Victim Support and Early Break, it was an honour to have the Director of Children’s Services for Rochdale Borough, Gail Hopper to attend and take part in the discussion. We also had a visit and input from Cllr Janet Emsley who is a great supporter of our centre and later in the afternoon Cllr Sameena Zaheer visited the centre to have a look through the flip charts at the work done in the morning with our centre manager Khaldha Mazoor and Rizwana Baleem, Youth Worker and co-facilitator for the event.

A huge thank you to the staff who worked hard leading up to and during the event.  Thank you also to everyone who attended.