Rochdale Women’s Welfare White Ribbon event.

A very productive day on the 28 November 2019, at Rochdale Women’s Welfare White Ribbon event. 

It was great to have a diverse group of women coming together to discuss their thoughts and give their valued opinion on how we can make services even more accessible to ensure the message gets out to all women that support is available to them.  As well as having representatives from Safe-net Rochdale, Rochdale Health Alliance, Greater Manchester Police, Victim Support and Early Break, it was an honour to have the Director of Children’s Services for Rochdale Borough, Gail Hopper to attend and take part in the discussion. We also had a visit and input from Cllr Janet Emsley who is a great supporter of our centre and later in the afternoon Cllr Sameena Zaheer visited the centre to have a look through the flip charts at the work done in the morning with our centre manager Khaldha Mazoor and Rizwana Baleem, Youth Worker and co-facilitator for the event.

A huge thank you to the staff who worked hard leading up to and during the event.  Thank you also to everyone who attended.

UN International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

On Monday 25th November, the UN International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, Rochdale Women’s Welfare Association (RWWA) attended an event at Riverside to share information on the services available to women in the Rochdale Borough. One of the specialist services we offer is support and information to women living with or has experienced domestic violence.

November 25th is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, also known as White Ribbon Day. From this day, until Human Rights Day on 10th December, is the 16 Days of Action.

On the 28 November everyone is invited to join us at RWWA at a ‘round the table’ discussion with statutory and voluntary organisations. Women can voice their concerns about Honour Based Violence and Forced Marriage within the BAMER communities. For more information please see the attached poster or call us on 01706 860157. Light refreshments will be provided at the above event.

United Against Honour Based Abuse

A thought-provoking day spent at the Building Confidence to Challenge Honour Based Abuse (HBA) and Forced Marriage (FM) Conference.

Lots of great speakers including our very own Rizwana Baleem.

The day begun with Gail Hopper, Director of Children’s Services, speaking about Rochdale’s work around the issues faced by people living in the Borough.

Next up was Nazir Afzal OBE, former NW Chief Crown Prosecutor who spoke about the work he has been involved in over the years which includes bringing about legislative change to help victims of abuse. This also involved the work he does as a Trustee & Patron of Karma Nirvana which led to the next speaker, Natasha Rattu, Executive Director from Karma Nirvana.

Natasha shared a very personal and inspiring story about her mum’s life which led to the beginning of Karma Nirvana. Her mum has written a book on her life which Natasha read passages from.

We then heard stories from survivors of HBA/FM. One of the speakers spoke of her own personal story and that of her sister who was murdered in a tragic honour killing. We won’t name the speakers to protect their identity. Very sad to listen too and heart-warming to see how they are moving on with their lives.

DC Sarah Leyland spoke about the Greater Manchester Police perspective and how they are constantly striving to get things right when dealing with domestic violence incidents which includes HBA and FM.

Rizwana Baleem was the next up to give a brilliant presentation and speak about the work of Rochdale Womens Welfare Association and the work that has been going on at the centre for 35 years this year – 2019.

After the final speakers of the day from Rochdale Connections Trust a question and answer session took place with the closing remarks coming from Gail Hopper.

We at Rochdale Womens Welfare Association look forward to continuing to work in partnership with everyone who is working towards the same goal as we will endeavour to do – ‘Bring an end to Domestic Violence/Abuse, Honour Based Violence and Forced Marriage.’

Thank you to Sajid Miah from the Community Safety Team for helping to ensure today’s event took place.United Against Honour Based Abuse16 photos

Mayor of Rochdale visit Rochdale Womens Welfare Association

Rochdale Women Welfare Association is committed to protecting the individual rights and dignity of all individuals within the community and promoting equality of opportunity for all. We actively celebrate diversity and work towards an inclusive society for all.

As part of our work at the centre we are always happy to form partnerships with other agencies. Over several weeks, the women worked on creating a flag which represents the diversity of Rochdale and goes towards Building a Stronger Britain Together.

Rochdale Connections Trust were funded by the Home Office to deliver a project which included the production of the flag. There are approximately people from 47 different nationalities living in Rochdale but space on the flag prevented us from including all the different countries.

The women attending the project thoroughly enjoyed it and as always, we hear the common theme from our women that it gets them out of their homes to make new friends and to meet up with the old ones, as well as empowering the women with more knowledge of the community around them.

We were honoured to have the Mayor of Rochdale, Cllr Billy Sheerin, Lady Mayoress of Rochdale, Mrs Lynn Sheerin and Cllr Janet Emsley, Portfolio Holder for Neighbourhoods, Community and Culture, visit the centre. All three dignitaries enjoyed speaking with the staff and women who were part of the project and the Mayor gave a short speech to thank the women for their great work.

Thank you to everyone for attending our event on the 24th September and thank you to everyone who was involved.

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World Suicide Prevention Day

World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD) is an awareness day observed on 10 September every year, in order to provide worldwide commitment and action to prevent suicides, with various activities around the world since 2003. If you are struggling yourself, or supporting someone who is, it’s important to take some time to look after yourself and reach out if you need support. Whatever you’re going through, we’re here to listen and advise you of where you can get specialist support to meet your needs. Our door is always open. Don’t be alone. Come and speak with us. #rwwa2019#rwwa#alwayshere#suicideprevention

Environmental Clean up at RWWA

Rochdale Womens Welfare Association are currently hosting a second group of young people from the National Citizenship Scheme (NCS)

The young people recently helped to do an environmental clean up of our centre and have done a brilliant job. This included the cutting of bushes and cleaning up the outside building and play areas; which was very much needed.

Thank you very much again and wishing you all the very best for your future.

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Cllr Sameena Zaheer visits RWWA

Cllr Zaheer was a welcome visitor to our centre today. After having a meeting with the Centre Manager Khaldha, and her team, Cllr Zaheer joined the women at the luncheon club that we have every Tuesday. Compliments were given to the cooks for the lovely food on the menu today. Chicken Curry, Chapattis and Salad, and for dessert we had Halwa. And let’s not forget the special tea we drunk also.

For more information on the classes and other activities available at Rochdale Women’s Welfare Association, please call Yasmin on 01706 860157


Family Fun Day Out

On the 15th August Rochdale Women’s Welfare Association took 96 people of all ages, from Rochdale, Middleton, Heywood and Littleborough to Blackpool for a Family Fun Day out. It was an amazing day with everyone enjoying their time together as one big family.

On our return, the coach was lively where everyone enjoyed traditional songs, and in different languages, to make it really special. What a fantastic atmosphere to see and hear everyone happy.

It was great to see the communities of all ages coming together and enjoying themselves.

Thank you everyone.